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About Purefunds

As an innovator of ETF concepts, PureFunds provides the market with access to in-demand industries through thematic ETFs.

Distinctive, First-to-Market ETFs

PureFunds is a New York City based research firm serving as the Sponsor to the PureFunds ETFs. We aim to provide investors with tactical ETFs that may offer investment opportunities in industries that traditionally have been difficult to invest in.

Founded in 2010, PureFunds recognized a void in the Exchange Traded Product universe. Although there were many ETF issuers and products in the marketplace, specific thematic investments that the market desired were simply overlooked. With this realization in mind, we partnered with world-class industry leaders to develop these concepts into tradable products.

With vast experience in global equity investing and ETF trading, we provide refreshing and alternative insight into the growing world of ETFs. PureFunds has constructed a distinct suite of products in an attempt to meet the needs of investors and traders alike.

PureFunds endeavors to increase our presence in the thematic technology ETF marketplace by expanding our suite of innovative, first-to-market ETFs.



85 Broad Street | New York,
NY 10004

2016 Fund Action Awards

Voting for the 2016 Fund Action Awards was based on either performance or asset flows over a 12-month period ending in September 2015.

11th Annual Global ETF Award

Determine by voters affiliated with the Global ETF Awards.

Capital Link Annual Closed-End Fund & ETP Awards

The first category is the Closed-End Funds and the ETP/ETF Awards, aimed to identify and recognize those fund sponsors and executives who consistently apply high standards of financial disclosure, investor and shareholder relations and product innovation. The Awards are based on nominations by a committee of analysts and industry specialists who actively follow CEFs and ETP/ETFs. There are separate Nominating Committees for CEFs and ETFs.

2014 ETF.com awards

Awarded to the ETF with the best new ETF ticker. The ETF must have launched in 2014 to qualify.